Clinical Characteristics and main presentation of the COVID19 among Iraqi people

Mohammed Khalil Ibraheem (1) , Sarab K.Abedalrahman (1) , Ashoor R Sarhat (1) , Jawad K. Al-Diwan (2)

 (1) Salahadeen health directorateTikrit Iraq,

(2) College of Medicine, Baghdad University, Iraq

* Corresponding author:2



The COVId19 pandemic is a newly emerging infectious disease that needs to be understood thoroughly in order to be controlled. This study aimed to study the clinical and laboratory characteristics of the COVID19 patient.

Patient and methods: A cross-sectional study was done in Iraq, at Salahadeen general hospital from the period 1st March to the end of May 2020 on patients diagnosed with COVID 19. A total of 75 COVID19 patients enrolled in the study. a full history was taken, a full physical examination was done, computerized tomography, and laboratory tests.

Results: The age distribution of the COVID19 patient were commonly aged (30-50 years) 37(49.3%), and those aged <30 years represented about 6(8%) of the sample. The dominant gender was male 43(57.3%). About 58 (77.3%) of the patient had comorbid disease, coronary vascular disease was 49(65.3%), hypertension was found among 47(62.7%), DM was found among 40(53.3%). Smoking found among 35(46.7%) of the patients.

The commonest symptoms were dyspnea 63(84%), fever 51(68%), Myalgia 46(61.3%), loss of smell 8(10.7%), vomiting 8(10.7%), sputum 8(10.7%), loss of taste 6(8%), diarrhea 6(8%), dry mouth found among 6(8%), cough 6(8%), fatigue 5(6.7%)followed by arthralgia 4(5.3%), and chest pain 3(4%). The mean Spo2% was (88±6.6), heart rate was (103±23.3), the mean respiratory rate was (17.7±4.1), the mean temperature value was (38.1±1.1), and the mean C – reactive protein rate was (49.8±41.2). The CBC shows that Lymphopenia was reported among 34(45.3%) of the patient, leukocytosis reported among 19 (25.3%) of the patient. Chest CT revealed that mean lung involvement was (16.6±14.7%).

Conclusion: The commonest presentation of the patient was dyspnea, followed by fever. Digestive symptoms and myalgia were common.  COVID19 maybe became a stigma in our community and educational programs were needed to overcome this problem.

Keywords: COVID19 infection, clinical presentation, CT, Iraq.