Gynecological cancer: Evaluating of Most Prevailing Subtypes of the Disease with Highlighting their Management in Kirkuk City

1Alaa Othman Sedeeq, 2Bassima Sadiq Ahmed.

1Medical Oncology, Oncology Department. Kirkuk oncology- hematology Center
2Clinical Biochemistry, college of pharmacy university of Sulaimani

* Corresponding,



Background: Gynecological cancers are group of cancers which occur in female reproductive tract. The corner stone in treating and eliminating this cancer depends mainly on early detection and perfect surgical staging of the disease. Objective: This study focuses on assessing the incidence, stage and treatment pattern of those cancers in Kirkuk city. Methods: A total of 100 females with cancer of gentelial tract were collected from Kirkuk Oncology Center in periods between 2016 November to 2018 August. Results: Most common types of gynecological cancer in this study were: uterine cancer   49%, Ovarian cancer 35%, cervix cancer 6%, GTN 8%, and vaginal cancer 2%. While, the peak age incidence were: uterine and vaginal cancer at age 50-59 years (73.5%, 50%) Ovarian cancer at age 40-49 years 42.9%, and cervix cancer at age 60-69 years 50%. Majority of cases operated by gynecological & obstetrician surgeons were about (62%), and nearly all of patients underwent TAH+BSSOO (92%) with only 2% of cases had PLND. A two years follow up shows recurrence rate of 32%, 28.6%, and 100% for each of uterine, ovaries, and cervical cancer consecutively. Conclusion:  Gynecological cancer   occurs    in younger   age group with relatively aggressive stage and high recurrence rate in Kirkuk city.

Keywords: Gynecological Cancer, PLND, Kirkuk