Effects the applied pressure and pressing speeds to the total resistance of the compressibility process

Hazim Abed Mohammed Al-JEWAREE

aculty of Engineering, AlKitab University -Department Petroleum Eng.

* Corresponding author:1drhaaljewary@yahoo.com

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32441/kjps.03.1.p4


The compaction apparatus is used in this study to measure the total resistance of particles during the compressibility process for approaching the real resistance of the particles in the ball mill and to simulate the grinding in an actual ball mill in order to be used for design purposes. The apparatus consists of two punches and a large die which a single punch pressing. The size reduction is measured because it gives an indication to the total resistance and the grinding product of the coarse particles of white cement clinker manufacture by Alkhomes refractory. The effect of the compaction applied pressure and compaction velocity are studied. Results indicated that the high total resistance (Tr) occurred at high compaction speed, low applied pressure and at increase the weight of a compacted material.

Keywords: compressibility process, pressing speeds, compaction particles resistance, total resistance