Analysis of Seasonality Precipitation Concentration in Northern of Iraq

Surah Bader Hussain1, Safa Ahmed Khalil 2

University of Mosul1, Iraq, University of AL-Hamdaniyah2, Iraq,, 2




   This research is about analysis seasonality of precipitation concentration in the north of  Iraq, by using multiple methods of precipitation concentration  Index .The  first is the standard vectors method that determines the date of concentration and the number of the rainy months, the second, precipitation concentration index (PCI) that classify the degree of (PCI) annually, supra-seasonal, seasonal depending on monthly precipitation data from nine metrological stations For  36 years (1979-2014), using  Excel, Arc map 10.8  and Oriana software in calculates and representation of precipitation concentration. the result shows that all stations in the study area share the same date (Jan.-Feb.) and the stations differ in the length of the rainy season (7-9) month. and for PCI results, PCI annual shows denote a moderate concentration in the whole study area, PCI supra-seasonal value shows (in the wet season uniform rain distribution, the dry season value shows high concentration, PCI seasonal Shows (autumn) moderate concentration, winter: low concentration in all stations, in the spring: PCI value shows the moderate concentration in Erbil, Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah, Salaheddin, and the other stations shows uniform rain distribution.

Keywords: seasonal rain concentration, mathematical vector, PCI.