Bleeding Time in Different Blood Groups and Genders In Hawija Technical Institute Students

Fadheelah S. Azeez1, Abulhadi M. Jumaa2, Hassan Y. Hassan3

1Pathology analysis Dept., Hawija Technical Institute, Northern Technical University, Kirkuk, Iraq

2,3Department of Physiology, Collage of Medicine, Tikrit University, Tikrit, Iraq

* Corresponding author:




In medicine, blood groups play an active role. A noticeable relationship is observed linking ABO with the Wilbrand factor and vWF deficiency which results in hemorrhagic disorders, while increased levels are a risk factor for blood clotting. Previous investigations found that individuals in group O have long hemorrhageand blood clotting time. The aim of the current study is to evaluate the bleeding time relationship with the different blood groups and sex also. This cross-sectional study includes 95 students aged between 18 and 20 years. Permission has been takenfrom the students participated in this study before the bleeding time (the method of filter paper for Duke) was determined.The obtained results showed a longer time of bleeding among the AB group. Moreover, the bleeding time is longer in women than men. For more results, it is necessary to involve a larger research group.

Keywords: Bleeding time,  Blood groups, Factor of von Wilbrand.