Design and Analysis of Phased Array System by MATLAB Toolbox

Aseel A. Qasim , Adheed H. Sallomi

Department of Electrical Engineering, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq.

* Corresponding author:



An array of antennas mounted on vehicles, ships, aircraft, satellites, and base stations is expected to play an important role in fulfilling the increased demand of channel requirement for these services.

In this paper toolboxes of MATLAB will use for the phased array system for different purposes of extraction of information about a validate results for antenna array and a comparison is made between different antenna array geometries, also this paper provides the background of the newly developed MATLAB Phased Array Toolbox. So, some effective parameters like the changing element spacing and the number of elements and the geometrical shape of the array on the antenna array radiation pattern along with the gain have been studied. The Phased Array Toolbox of MATLAB has also been used to validate the results.

Keywords: antenna array, phased array system toolbox, wireless mobile communication.